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What Color Wood Floor Goes With Dark Cabinets? (Answered)

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wood floor colors that go with dark cabinets

When it comes to creating a space that is dark, intimate, clean, and warm, you can never go wrong with dark cabinets. They continue to remain in style due to their timeless charm. But, when it comes to wood flooring, you have to be particular about what color wood floor goes with dark cabinets.

Not every standard type of wood floor goes with dark cabinets because color plays a vital role in any room decor. Colors must be compatible and complementary to each other, even if they are different. 

Most wood floors have a natural finish to them, and most flooring and interior decorating enthusiasts will draw your attention to the stain and undertones of wood floors. Every type of wood floor has some other color undertone to it that can be matched to dark cabinets.

For example, within light brown oak floors is an undertone of brown, which can be paired with dark brown cabinets.

Similarly, charcoal gray wood floors have black undertones, which can be paired with dark black cabinets.

When you develop an eye for these things and look beyond just the primary color of the floor, you’ll have more accessibility to other color cabinets for your home.

With that being said, let’s take a closer look at what color wood floor goes with dark cabinets.

Floor Colors That Go With Dark Cabinets


white wood floors with dark cabinets

White is a common floor color that looks tremendous on wood. If you’re looking to brighten up a room, opt for white wood floors.  What you’ll notice is that the color of your floor influences the amount of light that is reflected off it.

White is so reflective that when natural light hits it, the surrounding area is brightened up as a result of it.

This can help you to mix dark cabinets with bright floors to get a good mix of black and white in your room.

Overall, the room will feel warm and intimate with the dark cabinets, but inviting and well lit due to the floor colors.

The one downside of white floors is that dirt is more visible compared to other colors. But, that’s about it. 


Depending on the shade of beige, it is described as a color that is close to cream with hints of brown to it. It’s like a light sandy color and is quite a popular choice in wood flooring.

Due to the undertones of brown in beige wood flooring, you can pair dark brown cabinets with this color flooring without them contrasting too much.

Even though they are significantly different in tone, the dullness of beige floors with undertones of brown seamlessly blends into the darkness of the cabinets.

Beige wood floors are what I consider to be some of the most comforting and soothing colors to look at.

So, if you want to prioritize an earthy, natural, light vibe to the room despite the darkness and warmth from dark cabinets, consider investing in a beige wood floor.

Light Brown Oak

light brown oak wood floors

Light brown oak is very similar to beige, and it’s very easy to confuse the two with each other.

What I notice about light brown oak is that it has undertones of white as well.

Neither beige nor light brown oak lean too much toward the side of yellow or bright cream, which is what makes them compatible with dark cabinets.

There are different shades of light oak flooring, but you want to stick with those that have a predominantly brown or beige finish to them.

Dark Brown Oak

dark brown wood floors

For a seamless transition between the floors and cabinets, I would encourage you to invest in dark brown oak wood floors.

They’re incredibly intimate and warming, and they can be matched with most dark wood cabinets. 

One of the major benefits of dark brown wood floors is that they conceal a lot of dirt and footprints. More importantly, they’re extremely exquisite to look at, especially when they are freshly cleaned and shiny.

I love the richness and ambience of dark brown wood floors.

There’s something really relaxing and classy about a home that is decorated with dark wood. If you are leaning towards something more rich and plush than simplistic and soothing, I would highly recommend dark brown oak wood floors with dark cabinets.

Also, it’s a great way to make the room appear larger because there aren’t many contrasting colors between the floors, furniture, and walls.

Light Gray

gray wood floor with dark cabinets

In the event that your cabinets are dark gray or black, you would be remiss not to consider the use of light gray floors.

Now, I’m aware that light gray is incredibly different from dark gray or black cabinets. But, that’s why it works.

Light gray wood floors have undertones of charcoal gray and black within the stain or finish. So, right off the bat, it would match dark cabinets.

But, another reason why a light gray wood floor will look good is because the darker cabinets will serve as an accent to the lighter gray floors.

The difference is stark but quite modern since accents are popular right now.

Charcoal Gray

In the same vein as using dark brown wood floors, charcoal gray wood floors create the same result.

An intimate, rich, classy, and sophisticated appearance with dark cabinets.

The only difference is that gray is not a “warming” color in terms of symbolism or general feel.

But, this shade of gray perfectly combines the starkness and elegance of black with the coolness and classiness of light gray.

Also, it’s pretty great at concealing dirt and stains which is an added bonus.

Final Thoughts

That brings us to the end of this article on what color wood floor goes with dark cabinets.

As much as all the colors on this list are fantastic, you should always keep in mind what vibe and style you are trying to create before making a choice.

What matters most is your happiness and contentment with the type of floors and furniture in your home. Please prioritize your preference above anyone else’s when it comes to decorating your own place.

Personally, I’m a fan of light brown oak, white, and charcoal gray wood floors with cabinets of a similar or complementary color.

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