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20 Things That Make Your House Look Cluttered

  • Zak 
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The best-looking homes are minimalistic. They don’t have clutter, unnecessary decorations, or excessive belongings. Moreover, they are easy to clean and maintain. But not knowing where to start is a common problem, which is why I want to share a list of things that make your house look cluttered.

I recently wrote an article about clutter blindness because I started to notice that there are some people who are oblivious to or unaware of clutter.

They’re not even trying to ignore the mess; they just don’t see it.

So they continue to buy or acquire more stuff without actually considering the availability of space, let alone clutter. If this might be something that you deal with, I strongly suggest following this list as much as possible.

Once you start decluttering, you’ll be shocked by how much stuff you keep that actually has no place in your home.

More importantly, you’ll gain a greater understanding of your purchasing habits and emotional attachment to certain things.

I used this approach during a session of extreme decluttering, and it was effective. My own room had never been so clean and organized. I was also surprised by how many old and dated clothes were in my cupboards.

I was never going to use them, so I’m glad to have regained space for clothes that I actually want and use.

With that being said, I also want to make a quick promise to you that I will not encourage you to declutter or remove items that are essential or irreplaceable.

20 Items To Declutter From Your Home

1. Excessive decorative items

2. Excessive or oversized furniture

3. Piles of books, magazines, or papers

4. Overflowing closets and storage spaces

5. Unwashed dishes or kitchen clutter on countertops

6. Scattered toys

7. Multiple cords and cables that are visible

8. Unopened mail or packages left around

9. Clothing strewn on chairs or floors

10. Too many throw pillows or blankets on sofas and chairs

11. Unused or broken items taking up space

12. Unsorted or overflowing laundry baskets

13. Excessive wall decor or contrasting colors

14. Large collections of items on display

15. Open shelving filled with too many items

16. Unnecessary appliances or gadgets on kitchen counters

17. Too many photos or artwork on walls

18. Unorganized pantry or kitchen cabinets

19. Outdoor items left scattered around the yard or porch

20. Unmaintained or cluttered entryways and hallways

Look, it’s going to be difficult to declutter everything at once.

You may need to start with one item or category at a time before moving on to the next.

Alternatively, start with one room and remove everything that belongs to the list of items above. Work through each room until your entire house has been decluttered.

Before getting rid of your items, hold onto them for a few weeks and add back the stuff you actually want and need. After a few weeks, you should be able to donate, sell, or trash the rest of the stuff that remained in boxes.

That brings us to the end of this article on things that make your house look cluttered. Do you think that I missed anything? If so, please let me know in the comment section below.

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