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What Color Walls Go With Brown Floors? (14 Options)

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wall colors for brown floors

Brown floors are charming, elegant, warming, and extremely popular. Most people associate brown floors, especially those made from wood, as an investment that appreciates the value of a home, and with good reason. But, choosing a wall color that enhances and accentuates the brown floors can be difficult when you’re not familiar with color schemes. This begs the question, What color walls go with brown floors?

Here’s a list of wall colors that look good with brown floors:

  1. Brown
  2. Cream
  3. Light Yellow
  4. Lavender
  5. Off-White
  6. Sky Blue
  7. Royal Blue
  8. Black
  9. Charcoal Gray
  10. Light Gray
  11. Dark Green
  12. Pale Green
  13. Tan
  14. Mustard Yellow

Each of these colors symbolizes something that affects the overall appearance of a room. Learning more about these colors will help you choose the right wall color to create a specific energy and vibe in a room or home.

The Best Wall Colors For Brown Floors


brown wall color

Matching the walls with the floors is known to broaden the appearance of a room while enhancing a cohesive and uniform style.

The trick is to choose a tone of brown that matches the base shade of brown used on the floor.

That way, there’s a sense of continuity and intentionality in the style of your decor.

By implementing this color scheme, you can draw attention to the furniture and accessories by choosing a different color that is still complementary to brown walls and brown floors.


cream wall color

Cream is one of the most popular and versatile colors loved by homeowners across the world. It’s highly compatible with brown floors and adds a soft, gentle, and enriching hue to the entire room.

On a lot of naturally brown wood floors, there are subtle shades of cream within the grain or the stain.

This little detail results in the accentuation of the floors, making them a focal point in the room that isn’t overbearing or too striking.

Light Yellow

light yellow wall and brown floors

As much as brown floors are popular, they have the tendency to darken a room, especially if you opt for dark brown wood.

What I’ve found is that light yellow paint adds a vibrant and cheerful aura to a room with brown floors, despite the disparity between the two colors.

Just wait until mid-afternoon to experience the soothing warm glow that will permeate off the light yellow walls.

It’s heavenly!


purple wall color

Not every room has to be styled according to the most common colors. Sometimes, veering away from the norm and tapping into unusual color choices can create a unique, attractive, and compelling style that is hard to ignore.

That’s what made me explore the use of lavender walls with brown floors, and I was really surprised by what I found.

Both colors may be quite different, but they complement each other.

Lavender and other forms of purple are usually associated with serenity, calmness, elegance, and peace.

Paired with the moody and intimate nature of brown floors, it looks good.


white wall with brown floor

White walls are popular because of their versatility and high compatibility with most floor colors.

But, the striking sharpness of bright white walls may be overwhelming for most brown floors.

That’s not to say it doesn’t go with brown floors, but I find it classier and more gentle to pair brown floors with an off-white wall color.

It’s a subtle change in color that dulls the sharpness of white so that it doesn’t appear overwhelming.

Simplicity is often admired for allowing the viewer to appreciate the subtle details in a room.

Sky Blue

light blue wall color

Colors that occur in nature usually go with each other in a home.

That holds true for blue and brown.

Sky blue is a light, airy, and bright shade of blue without too much saturation or intensity. With brown floors, they add some well needed coolness to the room to offset the moodiness and warmth.

Royal Blue

dark blue wall color

Unlike softer shades of blue, royal blue is neither cooling nor airy, but it is most certainly bold, luxurious, soothing, and rich.

For anyone who wants to create a charming and elegant room that is designed with sophistication in mind, opt for royal blue walls because they go with brown floors.

It’s quite an intense color scheme, but not enough to be overwhelming or mismatched.


black wall color, black wall with brown floors

There aren’t many colors on this list that are strikingly bold and dark, like black, but they look absolutely stunning.

Elegant, intimate, smart, sophisticated, and powerful.

That’s what the color black symbolizes, and it holds true as a wall color. Without a doubt, this will be the focal point of the room.

Charcoal Gray

dark gray wall color, wall color for brown floor

While maintaining the same attributes as black but without the sharpness and intensity, charcoal gray is another suitable wall color for brown floors.

It’s become a popular choice among hotel owners and high class restaurant owners due to it’s sophisticated and sleek nature.

Washed-out or deep brown floors tend to look best with charcoal gray walls.

Light Gray

light gray wall color

On a much cooler and softer note, light gray offers homeowners a sophisticated and classy wall color without the dark notes that make a room appear smaller and moody.

This is one of the neutral wall colors that can be paired with most floor colors.

Light gray is underwhelming and soothing, which allows the floors and furniture to stand out as focal points in a room.

When you use light gray as a background, anything with color stands out more in the foreground.

Dark Green

dark green wall color for brown floors, green wall paint

Add the rich and plush notes of nature to your home by using dark green paint for the walls. Brown floors and green walls work because these colors appear everywhere in nature.

Look into the symbolism of green, and what you’ll find is that it triggers feelings of peace, tranquility, hope, harmony, and optimism.

Paired with the safe and warm symbolism of brown floors, this combination is a winner.

Pale Green

green wall color

In the event that you’re looking for the attributes of dark green without making the space appear too dark or compact, you could try pale green.

It isn’t too saturated but does have wonderfully enriching notes of green. But it’s light, breezy, and compatible with brown floors.


tan wall color, wall color that go with brown floors

If you’re looking for the soothing and neutral nature of cream without the yellow undertone, try tan.

Rather than yellow, it had undertones of brown, which can be found within the grain or stain of most brown wood floors.

Using tan for the wall color can be a great way to accentuate the floors while establishing itself as a separate feature that doesn’t just blend into the floor.

Throw in white or rich brown furniture, and you’ll have an enviable color scheme.

Mustard Yellow

wall color that go with brown floors

Get the warm, bright, and charming effects of light yellow along with the addition of optimism, creativity, and quirkiness from the deep tones of mustard yellow.

To the naked eye, the varying shades of yellow from the sun inspire all sorts of positive feelings within us.

It’s nourishing, relaxing, and inspiring.

I like to think of mustard yellow as the yin to the yang of a brown floor.

Final Thoughts

It looks like we’ve reached the end of this article on what color walls go with brown floors. This is without a doubt the most comprehensive list of wall colors on the net, and they all look good with brown floors.

As far as possible, choose colors that complement and enhance each other. At the very least, choose a color scheme that doesn’t conflict with each other, and you’ll be fine.

Ultimately, you should choose a wall color that suits you best.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the effects of colors in a home because they can drastically affect the way you feel.

With that being said, I hope you enjoyed this article and found the perfect wall color for your brown floors. If you’d like to check out more color scheme articles like this one, check out some of the articles that I’ve linked below.

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