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Where To Put A Microwave In A Kitchen? (6 Prime Locations)

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microwave in kitchen, where to place a microwave

In a small kitchen, it can be difficult to furnish the room with everything you need in a convenient and easily accessible manner. It’s frustrating trying to figure out where to put a microwave in a kitchen. I have some great suggestions if you’re dealing with the same issue.

There are a few places to put a microwave in a kitchen, and they are as follows:

  1. On a countertop
  2. Build into the cabinets or wall
  3. Over the range
  4. On a microwave cart
  5. Below a counter
  6. In the island

What you never want to do is place the microwave right next to the kitchen sink. Exposure to moisture or water will damage the microwave.

There ought to be a safe distance between the sink and the microwave to avoid this issue.

Another factor to consider is convenience. The microwave should be easily accessible at all times since it’s a frequently used appliance.

There should be a plug point nearby so that you can avoid using an extension to power the microwave. Most microwave cords are 1 to 1.5 meters in length.

Lastly, it should be positioned in a place that doesn’t obscure the door from opening completely. Obstructions could cause scratches and dents on the door, making it difficult for you to insert and remove food and liquid for heating.

Let’s examine each of these locations so that you can make the best decision for your home.

The Best Locations For A Microwave

1. On the countertop 

microwave in kitchen, where to place a microwave

Countertops were designed to be useful and functional for the preparation of food. They’re also made from hard materials like granite, marble, and stone. It can easily withstand the weight of small appliances like a microwave. The best part about countertops is that they’re at an average height for easy access.

2. Built into the cabinets or walls

built in microwave

For a sleek, cohesive, and structured kitchen, build the microwave into the wall or cabinets. This is a great way to make use of wall space that is ordinarily wasted and unused. Be sure to factor in space for ventilation and a complete range of motion for the microwave door. The last thing you want is for the door to slam against the corners of the cabinets.

3. Over the range

microwave in kitchen

When speaking of over-the-range microwaves, we are referring to the installation of a microwave above a range or stovetop to make use of the free space in these areas. These microwaves can be used as hood vents as well as microwave ovens. They offer overhead lighting, ventilation, and air flow for the kitchen. When a microwave is concealed or under something, it is important to ensure adequate ventilation at all times.

4. On a microwave cart

If there’s no space on the countertops or in the cabinets for the microwave, you could just invest in a trolley or cart to carry it. Think of this as an affordable and portable island in your kitchen that can also be stylized with accessories to add more depth and convenience.

5. Below a counter


As unconventional as this may be, you could convert the cabinet underneath into a storage space for the microwave. The main downside to this is that you’d awkwardly have to bend over to use the microwave and there may be additional costs for the carpentry work required to build a section for this.

6. In the island

More often than not, the island is used for meal prep and cleaning. In some cases, it also doubles as a counter for eating breakfast. But the space inside the island is either wasted or used to store dishes. Why not convert a portion of the inside into a storage spot for the microwave?

Final Thoughts

That brings us to the end of this article on where to put a microwave in a kitchen. I hope that the general guidelines help you find an ideal location that is convenient, well ventilated, and protected from unnecessary exposure to moisture.

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