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Where Should A Kitchen Be Located In A House? (Best Suggestions)

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I think we can all agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It serves many functions and is one of the few rooms most frequently visited by occupants and guests as well. This begs the question: Where should a kitchen be located in a house?

Understandably, it needs to be in a prime location, which is why it’s important to consider all the necessary factors at play, such as lighting, convenience, design appeal, space, and plumbing.

The ideal location for a kitchen in a house should be in a room with enough space adjoining the dining room or living room. Furthermore, it should be near an entrance or have ample windows to encourage natural light and adequate ventilation while being easily accessible. It is also advisable to select a location that isn’t too close to bedrooms to account for the noise commonly associated with cooking and cleaning.

Following this guideline will greatly assist you in choosing a location that is a good fit for a kitchen. Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors so that you can understand how and why they matter.

Factors To Consider For A Kitchen 

Where Should A Kitchen Be Located In A House

Natural Lighting

Given that a significant amount of time is spent in the kitchen, you need adequate lighting to work.

Artificial lighting is obviously an option, but most kitchen’s benefit from natural light. Not only does it brighten a room, but the different hues of sunlight offer a unique feel and energy to a kitchen at different hours.

Natural lighting will also save you money by reducing electricity consumption and offering a pleasant view while you meal prep or wash dishes.

This is one of the main reasons why it is encouraged to place a kitchen sink under a window.

Functionally and aesthetically, it’s better to work in an environment that has adequate windows or entrances.

Space And Accessibility

Having adequate room to move around is vital in a kitchen. Granted, you may not have a lot of space to work with from the get-go.

Even then, choosing a location that allows you to position the essentials of a kitchen in an organized and cohesive manner is something that will benefit you for years to come.

Scroll down to learn about the different types of kitchen layouts and select the appropriate type for the space in your home.

Proximity To Other Rooms

It makes sense to place a kitchen near rooms like the living room, lounge, and dining room since these are the main areas where people eat.

Carrying groceries and food from the kitchen to other rooms should be a short and convenient task to save you time and energy.

For example, place the kitchen near the pantry for additional convenience.

In an open floor plan, you’ll find that the kitchen is designed to seamlessly and conveniently fit between other key areas like the lounge and dining room. This allows you to socialize and entertain people while you work in the kitchen.

Noise And Privacy

It would be annoying to have bedrooms close to the kitchen due to the noise from washing dishes and clothes.

Similarly, the stove, blender, kettle, microwave, and other appliances are all loud and noisy appliances that could disturb other people.

There are many homeowners who also opt to install their washing machine and dryer in the kitchen due to a lack of space. Not being disturbed while you sleep is an impossible task if the bedroom is near the kitchen.


When choosing a location for the kitchen, consider whether you can stylize and accessorize the space according to your needs.

Think about the type of appliances you want to have, the type of sink, whether you want an island, and if you’d like different forms of lighting and tiles.

A good location for a kitchen should have adequate and appropriate space for you to install cabinets, islands, countertops, and backsplashes to your heart’s content.

Plumbing And Wiring

In order to install sinks, certain appliances like washing machines and dish washers, down lighting or backlighting, and plug points, you have to consider the plumbing and wiring within the location in question.

Even maintenance and repairs, which are frequent occurrences in the kitchen, should be factored into the equation.

There should be adequate space for servicing the kitchen without causing structural issues in the home.

The Different Types Of Kitchen Layouts

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There are six types of kitchen layouts, and they are as follows:

1. Single wall kitchen

Everything is located across a single wall and fitted or mounted against it.

This type of kitchen layout is ideal for small homes or an open floor plan.

2. The U-shaped kitchen

As the name indicates, this type of kitchen layout occupies three walls and forms a U-shape.

Typically, the kitchen sink is located between the two walls that are parallel to each other.

3. The L-shaped kitchen

This type of kitchen layout is one of the most common among apartment owners and small home owners.

The two walls are viewed as separate zones. One wall is for meal preparation, while the other is for cleaning.

4. Galley type kitchen

This type of kitchen describes a long passageway or narrow space in which the kitchen is located on both walls.

Countertops and appliances are usually installed parallel to each other.

5. Island type kitchen

The island type kitchen creates a central point that serves as a workstation, connecting the rest of the space.

In some cases, the island is used for meal cooking, while in others, it is typically used as a sink and storage space for cleaning.

The island is usually located in a spot that allows free flowing movement around it.

6. Peninsula type kitchen

This type of kitchen is an extension or derivative of the island type kitchen, except that it is directly connected to one of the countertops or walls.

Is It Better To Have The Kitchen In The Front Or Back Of The House?

There was a time when kitchens were mostly placed at the back of the house.

Nowadays, with the massive growth in popularity of open floor plans and minimalistic but functional architecture, it appears to be better to have the kitchen in the front of the house.

This makes it easy to transport goods and groceries from the garage or outdoors to the kitchen and pantry.

Furthermore, the front of most homes tends to be located in an unobstructed spot, allowing the maximum amount of light and air to flow through the windows.

Placing the kitchen near the front of the house ensures that you benefit from all this natural lighting and ventilation.

Can The Kitchen Be In The Center Of The House?

While it may be true that the kitchen can be in the center of the house, it poses significant problems in regards to plumbing.

Accessing and repairing pipes located in the center of the home is slightly more difficult, especially when you have them connected to the geyser.

Furthermore, in the event of a fire hazard, the house is more at risk of damage if the kitchen is located in the center.

Placing the kitchen on one side of the house reduces the rate at which a fire or leak can spread while also making it easier to address and fix these issues.

Privacy and noise are also issues that are hard to deal with when the kitchen is in the middle of the house.

Final Thoughts 

After carefully considering the factors listed above, you should be able to find the best location for a kitchen in the house.

Personally, I prize natural lighting, space, and accessibility above anything else. I want to prepare meals and clean up while enjoying the natural warmth of the afternoon sunlight on my face.

In saying this, I just want to emphasize the importance of being aware of what factors matter most to you when choosing a location for the kitchen.

Honor your preferences and expectations to avoid disappointment and problems with your kitchen.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on where a kitchen should be located in a bathroom to be informative and helpful. Be sure to check out some of our other guides linked below.

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