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Colors That Look Good With Black Walls (8 Options)

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Most people shy away from painting their walls black because there’s a misconception that it will overpower the entire room decor and be too dark. But, realistically, you can brighten up a room with black walls and style it elegantly with the right colors. That being said, this article will cover a list of colors that look good with black walls.

Since the walls are black, we need to focus on the furniture, rugs, accessories, light fixtures, and curtains. The right color distributed among these decor pieces will have a profound effect on the overall feel and aesthetic of a room with black walls.

I’ve taken tone, brightness, mood, and overall compatibility into consideration when curating this list of colors that look good with black. But, at the end of the day, you have to factor in your own personal taste and preferences when choosing one of these colors.

This will ensure that you are absolutely happy with the end results, and the space itself will make you feel good.

The Best Colors For Black Walls

1. Gold

colors that look good with black

Perhaps the most exquisite and rich color on this list, gold looks good with black walls.

Much like silver, it has many of the same characteristics, except that its reflective quality adds a warm hue or glow to the room.

Despite the contrast between black and gold, both colors are quite saturated and complement each other in a plush and seamless manner.

2. White

white and black

For a classic combination, use white with black walls.

It adds brightness and clean lines to a dark room, making it more inviting.

If you want to avoid the possibility of a cluttered design but want to fully furnish a home or room to your heart’s content, choose white to complement the black walls.

It’s best to also use white in low-traffic rooms or areas to minimize the amount of cleaning required to maintain the appearance of white furniture, curtains, and carpets.

3. Gray

gray decor, gray decor with black

Perhaps the most neutral yet modern color on this list is gray.

It comes in a wide variety of shades and tones, offering a cool, relaxed, inviting, and minimalistic energy to a room with black walls.

Nowadays, homeowners and interior decorators value modern themes and styles that illustrate a shift towards minimalism and elegance.

What was popularly used in business places and hotels has now become the norm in homes.

Gray is a sophisticated color that contrasts beautifully with dark walls.

Lighter tones of gray offer brightness that isn’t nearly as overwhelming as white, and darker tones of gray offer an accent color that maintains the aura of intimacy created by the black walls.

4. Silver

One of the primary uses of the color silver is to accentuate the details of appliances and decor. It’s bright, sophisticated, glamorous, and stylish. Given that black walls are bold but dark, silver serves as an uplifting and lively color for the rest of the room.

What I particularly like about silver is that most accessories, appliances, furniture, and light fittings are available in a metal that is silver.

You wouldn’t have to deal with much discoloration or peeling paint. Plus, the reflective nature of silver will help brighten up a room with black walls.

5. Dark Blue

blue and black walls

Dark blue with black walls looks exquisite. Dark blues often have a touch of black within the undertones that blends seamlessly into the black walls.

It’s synonymous with feelings of tranquility, serenity, power, and balance.

What I’ve also noticed is that dark blue relaxes me, especially in bedrooms. It’s so soothing on the eyes, and I have to attribute this to the effect of exposure to the ocean or sky.

6. Greens

If you’re looking for a color that is guaranteed to liven up a room and look good with black walls, you can’t go wrong with green.

Deeper shades of green are most suitable for black walls because they maintain the starkness of the theme without being too bold or contrasty.

7. Red

The color that is most known for inspiring passion, excitement, heat, and joy is red. You would think that this is a difficult color to use in a room, and that is true, but it works wonderfully with black walls.

From lighting to furniture, you’ll find an abundance of options that utilize the best tone and shade of red for a home.

Often, it’s the deep reds that have a tinge of black in them that look outstanding in a home. Imagine, for a second, a lounge with black walls and suede-red couches, with a rug that combines the two colors.

Breath-taking, to say the least.

8. Mustard Yellow

mustard yellow decor, mustard yellow for black walls

I’ve really grown to love mustard yellow ever since I started to specialize in home decor. It’s surprisingly versatile for a color that is considered quite quirky and warm.

But, that’s where the charm lies—in the quirkiness and warm temperature.

Some of the other colors that look good with black have no effect on the overall feel, mood, or energy of the room.

In fact, they help to perpetuate the moodiness or dullness in a charming and elegant way.

But, if you’re actually looking to spice up the energy and insert a healthy amount of brightness and boldness, you would be remiss to overlook mustard yellow.

Final Thoughts

I hope that this article on colors that look good with black walls provides you with an abundance of choices that work for your specific needs.

As much as it’s true that black walls are atypical for most homes, they can actually look quite sophisticated and beautiful.

Pair it with the right secondary or accent color, and you won’t run into the common problem of black being too overpoweringly dark or moody.

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