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What Color Furniture Goes With Light Hardwood Floors?

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furniture color that goes with light wood floor

If you’re uncertain of what color furniture goes with light hardwood floors, then allow me to help put your mind at ease because I’ve compiled a list of the best colors for your home. 

Primarily, these are the best furniture colors that go with light hardwood floors:

  • Light oak
  • Dark oak
  • Light gray
  • Dark gray
  • Black
  • White
  • Natural Bamboo

Sure, you could experiment with a few other colors like blue or green but more often than not, the list of colors mentioned above are the gold standard for furniture.

Be that as it may, let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why each of these colors go with light wood floors.

Furniture Colors That Complement Wood Floors

Light Oak

light oak furniture with light hardwood floors

Matching furniture with floors is not an uncommon trend. In fact, it’s quite a simple and effective way to create a cohesive style that propagates the appearance of more space in a room.

Since most floors tend to have a natural wood finish, it’s easier to find furniture that has almost an identical natural wood finish.

Light oak is incredibly popular due to its soothing, cool, inviting, and bright aura. If you want to ensure that your space feels homely and relaxing, I would strongly recommend that you opt for light oak furniture with light hardwood floors.

Oh, I would be remiss not to mention that light oak isn’t a color.

I’m pretty aware of that fact but in general, light oak wood is described as beige or cream in color with undertones of brown and white. 

It’s also the perfect color furniture to invest in if your walls are weight or the overall aesthetic of the room is white.

Dark Oak

dark oak furniture with light floors

Dark oak wood is often colored in a rich, dark, moody, and elegant brown with undertones or hints of red and black.

Most dark wood furniture is eye-catching due to the rich temperature of the color coupled with the shine from varnish.

Anyone who is in the market for furniture that conceals dirt while adding a touch of darkness to their home will be foolish not to consider dark oak.

Granted, light hardwood floors and dark oak furniture are miles apart but they share common undertones.

It’s in these similarities and differences that you are able to create an attractive and warm style for your home.

The furniture tends to appear like a focal point to the room if it contrasts the flooring to such an extent.

Light Gray

light gray furniture

I’m a huge fan of gray furniture and flooring.

They just appear so smart, cool, and airy to me. And what I’ve noticed is that gray as a color has become a staple in most homes.

As a color, it’s understated and non-obtrusive.

But that’s where the appeal lies because most people tend to accessorize and decorate the rest of the room with other colors and metals to create accents that stand out.

For instance, installing silver handles on furniture, a clear glass chandelier, paintings, and shiny rugs tend to stand out more when they are placed in a room that has an understated and cool color.

With light hardwood floors, whether gray, white, or natural light oak wood, gray furniture blends right in.

Dark Gray

dark gray furniture

Staying on the color gray, it is also true that if you alter the shade, the mood and symbolism of the color changes.

If you were trying to create the image of a plush, exquisite, modern, and intimate home, I would strongly recommend investing in dark gray furniture.

Whether your floors are white, gray, or light oak, dark gray will fit right in and stand out at the same time.

What you may like about this combination is the perfect balance between light and dark.


white furniture with light hardwood floors

You could never regret buying white furniture because it goes with light hardwood floors unlike any other color on this list.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, light hardwood floors have undertones of white within them.

You can see it clearly if you were to inspect the floors and look at the stain. 

But, due to the fact that white is actually devoid of any ‘color’, it becomes quite a versatile option in a home.

In the event that you want to completely brighten up a room, you should stick with white furniture. It’s easily available and will blend right in with the floors. 

The only downside to white furniture is that any dirt or stains will be more visible than any other color furniture on this list.


black furniture

Black is considered an achromatic color which means that it has no hue or saturation. It is in the same class as white and gray. 

But, black is extremely sharp, stark, eye-catching, bold, dark, and moody.

With black furniture, there’s no denying the fact that they will be the focal point in the room.

Nothing else will supersede the blackness of furniture unless there is a color with a high hue and saturation that is displayed in good visibility.

What you will love about black furniture is its ability to conceal most dirt and stains. It doesn’t really reflect light which means that your room could be evenly lit due to the addition of light hardwood floors.

Natural Bamboo

bamboo furniture with light hardwood floors

Last but certainly not least, we have natural bamboo furniture. It absolutely goes with light hardwood floors, even though it’s technically a hardened grass rather than hardwood.

If you were trying to create a room with a lot of ambience, warmth, relaxing energy, simplicity, and an asian inspired theme, then I would strongly recommend pairing bamboo furniture with light hardwood floors.

In some cases, it’s slightly pricier than other cheaper forms of wood furniture but the quality is well worth the cost.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, before you make a decision on what color furniture goes with light hardwood floors, you need to consider your own personal preferences, the style you want to create, and the amount of light you want reflected in the room.

Based on that, I’m pretty certain that you’ll make the best decision for your home.

I like to end most of these articles sharing my top three picks and in this case, it’s definitely light oak, white, and light gray. 

I’m just a fan of furniture that is easy on the eyes and understated but I absolutely see the merit to colors that are more bold like black and charcoal gray.

I’d love to hear which of these colors excite you the most.

With that being said, I hope you enjoyed this article and found it to be helpful. I’ve written a bunch of color scheme articles like this which are linked below. I highly recommend you check them out to gain more ideas on how to decorate your home.

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