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How To Make Your Bedroom Warmer (10 Affordable Tips)

  • Zak 
tips on making a bedroom warm

The winter months are quickly approaching, and I thought that it would be a great idea to share some of the most useful tips on how to make your bedroom warmer.

For many years, I struggled with poor sleep due to temperature issues. In winter, I would be freezing in bed. I was restless because I couldn’t get warm enough, and the cold would give me a headache. 

Let’s not even mention the effects it had on my sinuses and respiratory system.

But, with a bit of research and investment, I was able to figure out exactly how to solve this issue once and for all.

Nowadays, I look forward to winter nights because I’m warm, comfortable, and relaxed without any issues with the cold.

10 Tips On Making A Bedroom Warm

how to make a bedroomw warmer

1. Install carpets

It may not seem like something that would make a difference in a room, but you would be surprised at the insulating properties of carpets. 

Depending on the thickness and quality of the carpet, not only can it provide a softer surface for you to walk on, but it can actually retain heat in the cold. 

Compared to tiles, it is significantly more resistant to colder temperatures. 

2. Use a heater

Not all of us can afford to have a fireplace installed in our bedrooms. I wish I could, but I can’t right now.

So, I’ve learned to make use of what is available to me at an affordable price.

Compact heaters offer warning during the cold winter nights. They’re quite resilient and really effective.

The only issue with this type of heater is that you don’t have much control over the temperature. It will heat up the space as much as it can. 

Sometimes, it can be too hot, and this can dry up all the moisture in the air. But, there are fixes for this and devices that help to keep the humidity level and moisture level at optimum levels.

If you have the budget for it, you could look into infrared lamps or heaters. They offer a much more specialized form of heating that has been said to penetrate deeper into the body. 

According to what many users have said, this may aid blood flow and reduce pain. 

3. Invest in your HVAC

Now, let’s say that you have the finances to invest in your HVAC. 

There are systems that not only provide clean and cool air but also hot air.

Recently, I had an indoor unit installed in my bedroom that doubles as an air conditioner and a heater.

It has a thermostat that allows me to set the ideal temperature for my room. The indoor unit will spit out heat until it reaches the designated temperature and will then be cut off. 

If the room gets too hot, it will gradually release cooler air to regulate the temperature. 

It has an internal thermostat that automatically reads the temperature of the room. I don’t have to do anything at all to maintain the same temperature throughout the night.

It’s wonderful and certainly worth the investment if you have the money.

4. Add layers to the bedding

It’s not effective to sleep under the same type and amount of bedding during cold nights as you would in any other weather.

You should invest in a thicker, cotton or woolen, large duvet. 

This will help to retain heat underneath the blanket and prevent too much cool air from seeping through the material.

Heavier blankets also provide the necessary weight to keep you comfortable and secure in bed. Feeling cradled has a soothing effect on most people, helping them to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

If blankets are too much for you, get some extra throws to cover your feet for added warmth. 

5. Insulate the windows

You wouldn’t believe how poorly installed and sealed windows affect the temperature in a room.

I used to struggle with headaches and sinus issues during a time when my bed was placed against the window.

I couldn’t understand why until I started inspecting the window frame. We used wooden window frames that began to sag a little and suffer from displacement due to bad weather. 

Both windows would not close and insulate the room, and a consistent stream of cold air would seep through at all times.

It was absolutely unbearable in the winter and affected my health. 

This is why I tend to recommend aluminum frames for windows over wood because they offer more insulation and sturdiness. 

Make sure the windows are properly sealed and insulated when closed. 

6. Invest in a rug

In the event that you can’t change the flooring in your bedroom, I strongly recommend getting a thick and sturdy rug for your bedside. 

Think about the areas where your feet touch the floor the most.

Often, it’s near the bedside or near a sitting area in your bedroom.

Place rugs in these locations to provide a warmer footing during cold days. 

7. Hang thicker curtains

Believe it or not, thicker curtains are not just useful for blocking light and creating a dark room for good sleep.

It’s also an additional layer that prevents cold air from entering the room through your windows.

There’s a unit of measurement called a TOG rating, and it’s a scale from less than 1 to 3. The higher the tog rating, the thicker and heavier the material. 

This means that it offers more insulation and durability.

Opt for a curtain that has a tog rating of at least 2 if you’re trying to make a bedroom warmer.

8. Invest in an electric blanket

I can’t believe that I went my entire life without using an electric blanket. You can only imagine my surprise when I finally got to lay in bed and be met with the warmest embrace from a mattress!

It was heavenly.

Most electric blankets offer supreme quality comfort with adjustable heat temperatures that warm you up from the mattress while the duvet or blanket warms you from on top.

They come in singles, doubles, and even queen sizes, but the price will increase in conjunction with the size.

This is perhaps a game changer for those freezing winter nights.

9. Use a door draft stopper

It’s not just the gaps in window frames or vents that cause cold air to seep into your room and affect the temperature.

Gaps below the doors can do the same.

A few decades ago, we would have these long, snake-like bean bags that would be placed against the door to cover the gap.

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since then, and you can invest in a door draft stopper that also looks pretty stylish.

10. Purchase a hot water bottle

Regardless of all the devices available to warm up a bedroom, sometimes, all you really want is some close range heat.

Couples are lucky in that they can snuggle up to each other, but for others, a good old hot water bottle can add some warmth.

Typically, these hot water bottles are used to nurse injuries by increasing blood flow to the affected area.

But, it has a general use for generating warmth and some heat for users.

Normally, you would boil water in a kettle and fill the hot water bottle. Once it cools down, you would have to empty the bottle and repeat the process. You could get a good hour or two out of each use.

However, with technological advancements, you can get hot water bottles that just have to be plugged into an outlet, and it heats up the water within the bottle for you.

The best part?

It’s super affordable.

Final Thoughts

Believe me when I tell you that I understand how important it is to optimize the temperature of your bedroom for optimal sleep.

I’ve struggled with my sleeping patterns for many years, and a lot of it boils down to poor temperature management.

Since investing in the items mentioned above and making the changes I’ve shared with you, I have created a bedroom that is designed for comfort during the winter.

You could significantly improve the warmth of a bedroom with even a few of the solutions mentioned above. 

It doesn’t have to be a very costly affair.

With that being said, I hope you enjoyed this article on how to make your bedroom warmer. If you’d like to read more useful articles like this, be sure to check out some of the links below.

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