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How Do I Keep My Floor From Getting Dusty? (7 Tips)

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It’s really frustrating to deal with dusty floors in a home. It triggers sinus problems and creates the appearance of a messy home. A while back, a friend of mine was complaining about this issue and kept asking me the same question, how do I keep my floor from getting dusty? I figured out a system that prevents dust from ever accumulating on my floors which is why I felt compelled to share my strategy.

There are seven things you can do to prevent your floors from getting dusty. I’ve utilized most of the ideas in my own cleaning routine and I’ve not had a problem with dusty floors in forever. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Vacuum regularly
  2. Properly insulate windows
  3. Remove shoes at the doorway
  4. Get rid of unnecessary items from your home
  5. Replace the air filters in your HVAC
  6. Sweep the floors with a microfiber broom
  7. Buy a robot cleaner

If you were to even implement three of the seven tips above, I’m more than certain that they will drastically reduce the amount of dust that gets on your floors.

With that being said, let’s take a closer look into how to keep your floors from getting dusty.

Tips On Preventing Floors From Getting Dusty

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1. Vacuum regularly

Nothing beats vacuuming when it comes to cleaning and preventing dusty floors. 

It’s an effective and quick solution that only requires a once off investment if you take good care of your vacuum machine. 

Unfortunately, dust accumulates frequently, especially in the air. It’s light and travels fast. 

I’ve noticed that it takes between two and three days for floors to get dusty before it becomes a noticeable problem.

So, if you were to vacuum floors twice a week, it should be enough to prevent your floors from getting dusty in the future.

This number can be reduced by implementing other preventative measures which we will discuss below. 

But, when it comes to cleaning and preventing dusty floors, vacuuming is an elite solution, especially if you have carpets because they will hold onto dust unlike wood, vinyl, or ceramic tile floors. 

The Bissel 2254 CleanView Vacuum is an excellent product for most home owners that offers elite features. It can easily suck up most dirt, dust, spills, and grime. It has an automatic cord rewind, a triple action brush roll, edge-to-edge cleaning, and special pet cleaning tools. It’s a must-have for any home owner and is highly reviewed on Amazon.

2. Properly insulate windows

You will have far less dust in your home or on your floors if you insulate any entrance properly.

In other words, if doors and windows seal properly when they are closed, less dust will travel indoors. 

Also, when you live in a home that is surrounded by a garden, all sorts of things are going to travel inside.

From dust to dirt to leaves to insects, all these things are going to dirty your floors and aggravate sinus issues.

To minimize these issues, check that all windows are properly sealed when closed. Also, install a net in front of windows that prevents dust from traveling inside easily.

Most nets or inner curtains are made from ultra light and thin material which doesn’t really impede the flow of air or light into your home but it does reduce the amount of things that travel inside.

3. Remove shoes at the doorway

keep floors from getting dusty

Dust and dirt travel under shoes. This is the reason why high traffic homes or rooms tend to be the dirtiest. 

But, there’s actually a simple solution to this problem that I learnt from Asian households.

In most Asian countries, it is common practice to remove one’s shoes before entering a home.

Wearing socks or slippers that are strictly used indoors is preferred, and by making this simple change, the amount of dust and dirt that is transferred from foot traffic is severely reduced.

This was a custom introduced in our home since I was a child. 

Ironically, the inspiration stemmed from my mother’s OCD but we were told not to wear shoes that were used outdoors when we entered the house. This prevented the floors from getting dirty or dusty from people walking inside.

4. Get rid of unnecessary items from your home

Clutter may not introduce new dust into your home but it becomes a breeding ground for dust and germs.

Unless you are prepared to constantly clean and move clutter around your home, it’s far better to adopt a minimalistic approach to home decor.

The less unnecessary and useless things in your home, the better it is for cleanliness, space, and maintenance.

I know how difficult it is to part with certain things and belongings. I’m quite the sentimental person and I come from humble beginnings. It’s hard for me to discard things without feeling like I’m being wasteful.

But, you cannot hold onto everything you have.

There’s a time and place for everything and when something has to be removed, you must let it go.

Donate these things to other people, store them in the garage or attic, sell them or simply dispose of them.

You have to make space for the new by removing the old.

But, for now, focus on making space.

5. Replace the air filters in your HVAC

Every HVAC system has filters that are used to prevent dust, dirt and pollutants from entering your home or remaining in your home.

Over time, these filters tend to catch too much dust and dirt, requiring them to be cleaned or replaced.

If you fail to clean or replace them, all that dust will eventually circulate through your home which is why your floors keep getting dusty.

It may not seem related but the best way to keep your floor from getting dusty is by cleaning out your HVAC system, specifically the filters.

I was advised that it’s a good idea to clean the filters from indoor units every 5 – 8 weeks. Dust, brush, rinse filters and allow them to dry before installing them back. 

Every year, replace your filters to ensure that your HVAC is operating as it should, which is to cool and heat your home without spreading dust and dirt.

6. Sweep the floors with a microfiber broom

We live in a home that is surrounded by a garden and it’s quite windy in our area. Dust enters our home every single day and as much as we can vacuum, there’s always the need to clean floors.

What I’ve found is that sweeping floors with a broom that has microfiber bristles tends to be the best way to remove and prevent dust from your floors.

It takes no more than 5 – 10 minutes maximum to sweep all the rooms in my home and this tends to minimize the need for me to vacuum.

At this point, I sweep every morning and vacuum once a week to keep my floors from getting dusty.

7. Buy a robot cleaner

clean dusty floors with robot vacuum

I’m always taken aback by the technological advancements of cleaning machinery, and this is no exception.

Robot cleaners or vacuums are awesome.

They operate on their own and tend to do a good job in sweeping and sucking up dust from floors.

If anything, I’d say it’s best for dust over any other type of dirt.

The only drawback to robot cleaners or vacuums is that they can’t be used on floors that have a rough finish and they are quite pricey.

But, if you have wood floors, smooth tiles, or carpets, then a robot cleaner is a wonderful investment to keep your floors from getting dusty.

Apart from charging it and removing waste, it’s a pretty effortless solution for dusty floors.

I highly recommend euby by Anker. It’s a fantastic robot cleaner that has laser navigation, AI, high powered suction, carpet detector, and other cool stuff. It’s one of those robot vacuums that cleans up most things, from dust to sand to pet fur. It’s an awesome investment that is highly recommended with 63k+ reviews on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

That brings us to the end of this article on how to keep floors from getting dusty. I’m sure that with a cleaning strategy and frequency that is effective, you can keep your floors spotless, clean, and dust free.

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