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Can I Polish My Bamboo Floors? (Answered)

  • Zak 
polishing bamboo floors

If you’re a sucker for immaculate-looking floors like I am, the temptation to use polish is undeniable. This is especially true when you invest in bamboo or hardwood flooring. You may be asking, “Can I polish my bamboo floors?” Here’s what you need to know. 

Technically, you can polish bamboo floors, but it is not recommended or advisable because polished bamboo floors are dangerous. Not only do they become extremely slippery, but they will also be hard to clean. Anything wet and sticky that falls on the polished floor may stick to it stubbornly, forcing you to implement cleaning techniques that risk damaging or scratching bamboo floors.

Then there’s the issue of the time and effort required to polish floors. Given that bamboo floors have a natural shine due to their grass-like nature, polishing them seems like an unnecessary step.

It would be more sensible to use an appropriate cleaner and a microfiber cloth to shine bamboo floors without running the risk of creating floors that are too slippery with polish.

In a home with kids, it would be a big mistake to remove any grit or hold from the floor surface. 

Kids run around alot and on slippery floors, they will be injury prone. 

Not only will people struggle to walk on polished bamboo floors but furniture may be prone to sliding.

The last thing any of us want is for certain furniture to move around freely and tip over expensive appliances.

Let’s say that you polish your bamboo floors but decide to remove the polish in the future when you want to clean the floor.

You’d be required to use a polish remover in some instances.

What we know is that certain polish removers contain chemicals and strengths that damage wood floors. 

This could turn out to be an unnecessary expense which is why I don’t recommend my readers to polish bamboo floors.

Tips On Cleaning And Shining Bamboo Floors

cleaning bamboo floors

1. Wipe floors once per week

Given that most wood floors have a natural shine to them when cleaned, it only makes sense to instill a regular cleaning routine into your schedule.

What I’ve found is that dust and other dirt tend to diminish the natural shine of bamboo floors, especially in a dusty environment or a high-traffic home.

To counteract this problem, wiping bamboo floors once per week with warm water is an effective way to clean floors and prevent them from looking worn out or dull.

If you are in the habit of sweeping or vacuuming daily, you may only need to wipe floors with warm water and a cleaning agent every 10 days or so. But, on average, it is recommended to lightly mop bamboo floors once a week.

Keep in mind that bamboo is only water resistant so you do not want to allow water to pool onto the floor.

Use a fan to dry areas of the floor when you are done mopping.

Additionally, use a dry mop or cloth to wipe down your floors afterwards.

2. Use a microfiber cloth

After experimenting with different cloths, I noticed microfiber cloths are the most effective at shining wood floors.

It removes dust with ease and is so gentle that you will never risk damaging or scratching bamboo floors from shining or wiping.

What I like to do is spray a little shining agent onto my microfiber cloth and use that to shine the floors in a room. 

What I never do is apply the shining agent spray onto the floor directly to minimize the risk of making my floors too slippery.

In some cases, you could completely skip this step, especially if you are using a wood cleaning agent that produces a natural shine on wood floors.

3. Use a good wood cleaning agent

Don’t skimp on the price of a good cleaning agent because a single bottle can last a long time.

Some products are specifically designed to bring out the best details in wood floors. A wood cleaning product that promises a natural wood shine and leaves behind a good scent is always preferred.

In some cases, you can skip the scented products, depending on your preferences.

In my experience, warm water may clean floors, but without a wood cleaning agent, my floors end up looking dull much faster than when I use a wood cleaning agent.

Bear in mind that this is something you may only need to do once a week or even twice a month.

It’s worth the effort for the end result.

Also, it will maintain the appearance of your bamboo floors and remove any stubborn stains that could cause permanent damage or discoloration.

The Bona Ultimate Hardwood Floor Care Kit is a complete collection of tools and cleaning products that guarantee your wood floors are spotless, smooth, and shiny after each use. It’s highly rated on Amazon and is quite affordable.

Final Thoughts

I’m absolutely certain that if you follow the steps above, you won’t have any need to polish bamboo floors.

There are some people who use a spray to shine floors but I prefer cleaning my floors in the right manner to restore and maintain a natural shine and smoothness.

It has proven to be effective for a long time and I haven’t noticed any damage whatsoever by using these tips.

With that being said, I hope you found this article on whether or not you can polish bamboo floors to be helpful and practical. If so, you need to check out these other articles linked below:

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